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promotion in search engines

What is distributor's personal website - business card or business tool?

Website promotion in search engines - it is the most important, but the most difficult and darkest of all the stages of building a business on the Internet. Why so?

First, because search engines are reluctant to disclose the algorithms on which they rank web resources; in addition, these algorithms are constantly being improved. You can only talk about general principles and trends that should be followed by building tactics to promote your website.

Therefore, precise technique, by which you can quickly and without losses make your website authoritative in search engines, is expensive. But losses in our business are not very pleasant, because, if you mess up at the outset a number of pages (especially home page), you not only will send them for a long time in "remote areas", but also light up your web resource for search engines as possible "junk site", with all the attendant negative consequences.

This is particularly true for websites that MLM companies offer its distributors, since all these sites are made with the same brush, and therefore they immediately identified by search engines as mirrors or satellites. Therefore it is very difficult to promote such website.

But it is possible to turn distributor's website into an effective tool for online business. If you do not shove in the forehead of impregnable, by definition, fortress, but use well-known tactic, called "through the backdoor". Normal heroes, as you know, always go around.

Columbus discovered America

Distributor's personal website is just online business card Well, what I discovered that the others do not know?

Just something - remember, this only applies to
internetwork business! That is, I'm doing now exclusively in network marketing on the Internet, and if you are interested in this area, you should go here, but if not, sorry...

So now, many network companies offer their distributors to get ready personal website, through which their business will come with new momentum. The people joyfully rush to this opportunity, and ... nothing happens. Site is not in the search, or it hangs out somewhere in the back of the Internet, respectively, no visitors, no customers, no new partners, and not, alas, the business. But I, unlike most, have this all.

Of course, I started to build a business on the Internet long before the appearance of such a proposal from my company. So my website, though not decorated by various bells and whistles, but it is a reliable "workhorse". But if you have got a ready personal website from MLM company, you will need to be clear about its capabilities.

Distributors who receive website from a company very quickly understand that this is a great business card, but not a working tool. Clearly, what I mean? You can give the site address to your friends, stressing the fact that everyone can get the same one; to represent it in social networks, sending a bunch of spam, but other than bitterness and resentment toward the company, you have nothing to gain.

But what is company's blame? What do you want from it? She gave you a hand the tool that EVERYONE can use. However, everyone can use, but not a bulldozer. In fact, such a corporate website - it's a shovel, which anyone can dig a trench for the shooting. But dig by it a pit under foundation - this is unreal.

You know how much it costs to order a full-featured website? I recently found on the Internet a unique offer - $ 1500. It is VERY cheap! Aim for two to two and a half thousand. Are you willing to pay such amount, unless you are sure that your business will go? If not, eat what is served for free, and be happy.

So, network companies offer their distributors online business card for a nominal sum, and someone, perhaps, absolutely free of charge. Because it is a business card, and it must be understood. Let it include the catalog, an online store and blog, and a form for registration of new members, but does not provide any opportunities for promotion! This is for one simple reason: this website is fully managed by service center, not by you.

Once again: this is not a criticism or profanity of ideas, but popular explanation of the true state of affairs. I am deeply grateful to my company for such wonderful service, because now every my distributor can make himself this the most difficult first step and I will help him to turn his personal website in the real tool for the internetwork business.

You ask: How I came to these conclusions and what I can confirm this? Judge for yourself.

Promotion is a delicate matter!

Promotion is a delicate matter You did everything that your company you suggested for site promotion: prescribed it in the search engines and catalogs; called your friends; gave a link to your website in your "Facebook" account; sent letters on bulletin boards and addresses known to you; maybe even take a spam. Well, I strongly advise you not to deal with spam, if you do not want from the beginning to cause irreparable harm your business.

Well, you have done that all. What is the result?

There is nothing to brag? I will now explain why. If you have done absolutely everything that the company you recommended - it is a maximum of 20% of your capacity for site promotion. And given that you did not have time to run a number of recommendations, or you not done them until the end, I estimate the effectiveness of your actions on promotion about 10 percent, and even at 5.

It is because - it says the objective statistics - 65-70% of visitors come to website from search engines. Suppose you have registered your site in search engines, it does not give you absolutely anything: so that your site was issued on search queries, it should be actively promoted. But just this - promotion in search engines - is a weak spot of online business card.

Why do search engines will not give out your website upon requests, if you honestly registered it? The reason is clear as day. Every day they register, if not hundreds, then tens of thousands of websites; there are millions of websites similar to your, in the Google database; why your site would appear suddenly at least on the first ten pages in search?

Here, try for the sake of interest: type in the Google window the word "supplements" and see the result. And the result will be next: inscription in small letters under the window "The result: approximately 103,000,000". Impressive? To make way with such competition at least in the first hundred of SEPR, you really must hard and very hard work. This is just what is called a promotion in search engines.

As I said, distributor's personal website, in the form "as it is", practically cannot be promoted. But this does not mean that it is impossible to promote this, if the right approaches to this subject.

I have developed a system, which lets you create a full-valuable business tool on the base of online business card (distributor's personal website). This system takes advantages of a corporate website, but also makes your marketing proposal attractive to search engines, and thus ensures its promotion in search engines.

So what I would advise you?

If you are MLM distributor, and you are interested in the issue of online business (or you've got to use your personal website), I recommend you subscribe to my training course "How to turn distributor's personal website into business tool". True, this course has been written for service "MySite" of company CaliVita International, but it does not matter: promotion technology is the same, and following the instructions for CaliVita website, you will be able to optimize for search any corporate website.

Benefits that you receive after passing this training are far exceeding the costs. It is because I offer you a real opportunity to build a large MLM business on the Internet.

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Business Center MLM 2.0
"Make Business Together"
December, 2010

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How to turn distributor's personal website into business tool

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