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Online business step by step

Established MLM business on the Internet - this is fully working cash machine Once in the classroom for tactical training, instructor of Military Department asked the question:

   - What's the first thing the battery commander has to make when equipping a firing position?

And he was shocked by the answer:

   - Find escape routes, Captain!

Joking aside, but it is for this reason that I do not advise you to build a serious plans about Internetwork Marketing, unless you have a stable functioning offline network structure.

Because, the same way as in conventional network marketing, rule of "priming the pump" work also here: you can lever a long time with no visible result, until finally at some point the pump column is filled, and water pours a stream. The trouble is that while you will "swing a pump", spending the time, that you should give a running network, it may well collapse. As a result, when the water will pour, already there will be nothing for watering.

Everything I said earlier about the premise, and now I going to say about stepping scheme for constructing Internetwork business, not sucked from the finger and not spied on someone. I have been in network marketing since 1998, and from 2001 the network business has become my main source of income (I retired from work). I engaged Internetwork Marketing in earnest in 2006, and the point of view, which I lay out here - this is the result of my own experience.

I say again, that enticing ads that you can meet online, about building an online MLM business from zero, have very little to do with the truth. You can playing with this if you're already a Web entrepreneur and have decided to discover a new niche - MLM. But if you have never done e-commerce, then do, for God's sake, as all normal people - first build any substantial offline network.

Scheme for constructing an online MLM business includes a series of sequential steps that you need to go. And since I assume that you have heeded my advice and do not intend to "build a business from zero", then I omit such important question as selection of the company.

So what question should be resolved in the first place? I think, it is evaluation of your real chances compared to your competitors.

1. Estimate your niche.

In order to assert yourself on the Internet, you need to get place at least on the second or third page of search. Do not think that your proposal is unique and the only one. Look that can be found in Google for such search requests:

   "MLM" - 85 million pages;
   "MLM on the Internet" - 32 million;
   "Distributor website" - 54 million;
   "Amway distributor website" - 780 thousands.

Do not immediately panic, because, firstly, that this is the number of pages, not sites, but many websites, especially sites that contain catalogs of companies, may have several thousand pages.

And, secondly, in my personal example: although Google shows 363,000 results for "CaliVita supplements", however, my site is located at 9-12-th place (first-second page of SERP). I have got this, you will have also.

2. Estimate your competitors.

Pick up a few search queries that are most relevant to your niche and see who takes the first position on them. Gather as much information about your competitors. Have a look at what tools they use, how draw up their materials, what search words they use to promote their resources.

Use the results of the analysis in optimizing and promoting of your web resource, but, of course, first learn all you need to know about search engine optimization and promotion. Otherwise, you just can not do intelligent analysis and, especially, to correctly interpret the results.

3. Estimate your own capabilities.

I am referring here only two options:

   1) you have a ready distributor's website, provided by your company;
   2) you have no web resource.

1. If you already have a website, then you simply must evaluate its capabilities: whether it has installed tools for sales and recruiting, i.e., catalog, online store, contact and subscription forms, etc. As a general rule, if you have got a corporate website, then all it should be.

It should be evaluated separately, whether the designers should consider features for site promotion. If this website is provided by the company, 90 chances out of 100 for its ability of this are completely inadequate.

2. If you haven't web resource yet, then no court there. You must begin to make everything yourself.

4. Make a plan to use your opportunities based on estimation results.

The following points are under the assumption that paragraph 4 has already been completed. That is, if you have no chance to get a website from the company, then you have to create it yourself. It's not that hard if you would use the various Internet services.

5. Optimize your website.

This is the first phase of the successful promotion of a web resource on the Internet, and it called "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization). That is, simply, optimization for search engines. After all, one can make your web page so that it will not seem by any search engine. But you can, and vice versa, to make it very attractive in terms of a search robot.

6. Website Promotion.

By promoting website on the Internet, we understand the same process by which your site gets into the top of search results for those queries that interest you. Not necessarily on the first page, as the competition can be crazy here. Second page also is enough, but certainly not beyond the third.

There are two versions for promoting - paid and free. In paid version, website can quickly be in the top, but just as quickly throw out after you stop paying.

With a free version you are engaged in promoting your site yourself. And if you do it correctly and consistently, your site can get to the top for long. Another thing is that it takes time and hard work. And this is another reason why you should not build your network solely through online.

Personally, I've tried both versions, and finally now I'm now doing just free promotion. And it is even pretty well.

7. Positioning.

In contrast to the promotion of website that you can charge and other persons, paying money for this, the positioning anyone can not execute for you. Because positioning - this is occupation leadership position in your market niche, but for this you need to create "face" of your site, that is, your personal brand.

Simply put, it is necessary not just to nominate the site for the first position in search, but also to create an image, the authority with the people. You must become an expert in those matters which you write. Google recently assesses the credibility of website not only for the flow of visitors, but also by the time they spend on your pages, as well as to go around.

The higher you position your website, the more is its clientele, some of whom eventually become your customers and partners.

8. Instrumentation.

The term is unfortunate, but the other I never have occurred. The idea is that your website must combine the opportunities for promotion with tools for sales and recruiting new partners.

If you create the site yourself, you will have no problems with the first, but it will be with the second. So you have to place on it online catalogs, price lists, forms for order and subscription. Or you must buy the script of online store and install it on your website.

If you have received website from the company, all this should be already there. But, as I said, your website is hardly fit for the promotion and positioning. Why? Why this is so, and what you must do in this case, can be found at large in the article "What is distributor's personal website - business card or business tool?"

9. Distributor's school.

What kind of network marketing can be without learning? And it means that your business can not thrive unless you provided on your web resource allocation of training materials, courses and electronic books on business, consulting section and other information tools. At an advanced stage - presentations and videos, chats, organization of webinars (stupid name, but caught on), etc.

10. Automation.

It remains, in principle, a little bit. If you have already placed a store on your website, the sales can be considered automatic. It remains to automate the process of recruitment.

The essence of the matter is that every person who negligently looked into the business section of your website, but not a signatory on the spot, comes under fire from a series of motivational letters he receives every day for, say, weeks, or until he signs up.

At first glance it may seem persistence (or spam), but in fact no violations are not here, because in each such letter, there is a link to unsubscribe from receiving next emails. And the person gives you his e-mail voluntarily.

You will not believe, but the effect of such a series is rather significant: according to statistics, this week more people signed than the first entry!

Such autosender realized simple: by e-mail script, or by ezine service.

Well, that's all about the algorithm for constructing the MLM business on the Internet. Technics - it is quite another matter.

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