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MLM business on the Internet: Deal with it or not?

Internetwork Marketing (MLM Business on the Internet) What is Internetwork Marketing? Most people will answer correctly this question, if only by analogy: Internetwork Marketing - it is online network marketing (MLM Business on the Internet).

Less defined is the answer to another question: Can a beginner in MLM start his business with the Internet work? That is, he can, of course, but could this have something good?

Of course, you would like to hear "yes". But in reality - no. For the same reason that you can not build an effective network structure by sticking ads on poles, placing advertisements in newspapers and handing out invitations at the exit of the subway. You should not think that success in MLM is determined only by the fact that you send a lot of free information.

Undoubtedly, MLM business on the Internet - this is a very promising; this is technology of the crest of the "fourth wave" and even calling in the fifth. This is because the Internet is ideally suited to the principles of MLM. What is better combined with network marketing than the World Wide Web?

Because the Internet is a powerful and at the same time, a simple tool with which you can tie contacts with people, to receive and transmit all the necessary information. There is only one "but": to build a real MLM business on the Internet is possible only for those who already have a fairly extensive and stable network offline.

The point is not that Internet technologies are difficult to master, just an attempt to build a MLM business on the Internet, avoiding contact with people - it is a vain attempt. You do not build the network only with one Internet; - you are required to master yourself the skill of networker, if you want to have your business growing.

Now, many MLM companies offer their distributors, immediately after the subscription ready personal website. And it is very well. But it must be understood correctly. Personal website for distributor who has just started his activities in MLM - it's not the main tool of work, but auxiliary. And its role at various stages of your network's growth is different.

Do not think that such website provides 100% guarantee your success. May be quite the opposite - in that case, if having got a personal website, you decide that you have nothing need already to do yourself.

When a networker gets a real need to promote his business online? Obviously, when entering the "cold market", when you already recognized the enormous potential of this market, but at the same time, faced with the difficulties of its development. Because just the Internet creates unlimited prospects in this regard.

But to have a need does not mean to have the capacity for its implementation. Not technically, but from the standpoint that your passion for the Internet does not impact negatively on the growth of your network. Remember one of the fundamental laws of leadership: You have yourself to do something that you would like to have your people doing.

Therefore, even doing MLM business online, you need to simultaneously hold private meetings and recruiting new partners offline. Because the basis of a stable network - that is no Internet businessmen but ordinary people far from the online business. In order to create Internet-add for your business, you first need to build a broad base. This is the first condition and the first phase of building of MLM business on the Internet.

Now about the second condition and the second stage of building a business MLM on the Internet. I mean the case when you want to turn Internetwork Marketing into the main type of your activities, with all its prospects: the full automation of the business, building an international network and use all the advantages of the "fifth wave", i.e., e-commerce tools.

You will be able to proceed to this stage after grow, at least three major leaders in the offline, able to work with their structures independently. This does not means that you fully "unbind" yourself from off-line work, but its role for you would be now almost exclusively in the consultation. And at the same time, doing mainly internet marketing, you thereby indicate the direction of a breakthrough for your leaders and those distributors who want to follow you.

At this stage, your work in the field of recruitment will be mostly online. And along with the customers you'll get also new distributors, even the new leaders, and among them who are initially familiar with Internet marketing. Because as the MLM-businessman of the XXI century, you will spend the basic operations using the World Wide Web.

Even now the spread of Internet technologies in network marketing has led to the fact that distributors of MLM company many goods and services spread across the Internet. Creating an effective network structure on the Internet will provide you with an extraordinary freedom and automatic revenue growth.

The problem of recruiting and training of distributors and providing them with all necessary materials also solved very easily through the Internet. The matter is one: to create such structure and to "teach" it to work for your success.

What should be done for building a successful MLM business on the Internet - it's the next question.

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Business Center MLM 2.0
"Make Business Together"
December, 2010

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