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cold market

How to heat cold market?

Internet expands cold market for goodness knows how far Many networkers are afraid "cold" market. And it is not surprising. Indeed, why the "cold" market is different from "warm", the more from "hot" market? First and foremost, of course, by its size - it is practically immense, and this is a plus.

But at the same time, it is much less comfortable than hot or warm, and this is the biggest minus. Although you can not get burned so badly in the cold market, as in the warm, and especially in the hot.

After all, what is "hot" market? It's your family members and relatives, close friends whose opinion you value. But if it suddenly turns out to be negative? You hoped that your family will be your reliable support, but suddenly they are your "dream kidnappers", acting as your judge and executioners... You can burn stronger here than in the laboratory, forgetting that the hot bulb looks just as cool!

It is safer to work in the warm market than in the hot; the significance of failure is less there. Although it is also unpleasant to receive a negative assessment of your mental abilities from one of your friends or acquaintances. But it is most importantly - do not turn your failures into a reason for the break in relations. In the end, your friends, too, are not a genius, and they do not have to think like you.

Cold market, of course, is much wider than warm, and, moreover, than hot. In principle, it includes the entire population of Earth. But also the "temperature" of cold market, of course, is close to freezing point. The cold market gives the greatest prospect of success, but the smallest number of networkers seeking to acquire them, fearing of the personal contacts with unfamiliar people.

However, once the cold market has such great potential, there must be a way to conquer it! And with the advent of the Internet, such a way was found.

Internetwork marketing solves two problems of the cold market: firstly, it expands the market for goodness knows how far. Robert Batvin advised to make your proposal to anyone who turns in two steps from you. Internet is expanding these "two steps" literally to infinity.

Secondly, the Internet does work in a cold market "safe": using the tools of automatic online marketing, you will not feel absolutely no fear of contact with new people. It's just a salvation for many, many networkers.

Just think about the possibilities of this immense market! That is hundreds of millions of people from all over the world. Daily half a million new users connect to the Internet, and not just because, and everyone has some purpose! Everyone is looking for something for himself, and many are interested in exactly what you can offer them. Somewhere, sometime such a market was existed? It has no boundaries and no limits. The work in this market is promising and extremely interesting, although it requires certain skills and knowledge of certain rules.

But most important is not even the size of the market, which Internet provides, but primarily the fact that internetwork marketing changes the sign "minus " of cold contacts to "plus". I mean that all the negative of inevitable failures that passes through your nervous system, while working through the Internet is just going to drop out without damaging your psyche. You enter into personal contact only with people who are interested in your offer, or who have questions.

You can certainly argue that networker could turn any refusal or objection into a consent. So only competent can, but also not always. At the same time, your autosender, according to statistics, makes it much better. But even let the percentage of successful contacts in the Internet will be ten times less than in the off-line cold market work. So what?

How much you can spend of cold meetings a day - ten, twenty (if you work hard)? But my site today visited by more than a thousand people. And it's every day; and this number is growing every month. Today was four orders, two registration, one of them - in France. Strange, but I do not feel at the same time any fatigue, and my nerves seem to be in order...

If work in offline cold market is "extraction of radium: a gram of prey per year works", then internetwork marketing, by analogy, more like a catch neutrinos. Huge tank with carbon tetrachloride stands at rock stratum and clicks. Once neutrinos exist in nature, they will not get anywhere. Let rarely, but without the bloody blisters, and you are no radioactive waste.

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December, 2010

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