Payment for training course

"How to turn distributor's personal website into business tool"

1. Via WebMoney

Spend a direct payment to the Z-purse number Z255831158924. Payment amount $100.

Specify the purpose of payment: "Training course", your name and e-mail.

2. Via PayPal

Official PayPal Seal

You can pay via international system PayPal, even if you have not opened an account in this system, with your payment card. PayPal guarantees the security of your payment.

For this:

1. Click PayPal label.
2. Choose: Send Money --> Send Money Online.
3. In the table "Send Money Now":
    - choose you country;
    - enter amount $100;
    - choose "Buying Something";
    - click "Continue".
4. Enter:
    - in the field "To":;
    - in the field "From": your e-mail address;
5. Click "Continue" and enter your payment data.

3. Other way

Bank transfer to the Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union in the U.S.
If you choose this way, please contact me through the ticket board ("Business school" category).

After payment in any way let me know, please, payment details via ticket board. To do this, create a new ticket in the category "Business School ". Specify:
    - "Payment for training course";
    - payment way;
    - youe name and last name;
    - e-mail.