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business training

How to turn distributor's personal website into business tool

If you is MLM distributor and have got personal website from the company, then you definitely should worry about such questions:

  • Why my site is not still in search?
  • Why does a few visitors comes to my site?
  • Why do my visitors not become buyers?
  • Why the efficiency of my site is not as high as expected?
  • How to fix the situation?
  • What, finally, I need to do particular for this?

This is the "eternal" questions, which answers each site owner is looking for himself. And occasionally he finds. But not everyone and not always.

However, I can help you get the right answer. You'll find it in my tutorial "How to turn distributor's personal website into business tool", which you can get in form of e-book.

In this training, we dwell on such matters (and give reasonable answer to them!):

  • Your site is not seen by search engines?
  • Can you change this?
  • The site is visited by bad?
  • But have you done all to attract visitors?
  • Your visitors do not become your clients?
  • Or your site objective is different? If yes, what is that?
  • Technology, 100% working in the Internet, but unknown to most distributors.
  • What is its essence?
  • How to use this technology to promote your website?
  • How to avoid unnecessary expenses in this case?

You will receive answers to these questions in this training. In addition, I'll give you a range of tools for the promotion of your website and teach to use them.

In this course, I summarized my eight years experience in creating and promotion of websites of diverse profile and destination. I assure you, this technique works. It works for me, it be working for you also. This course will save you at least half year of your own efforts, but much of what I teach you, is my "know-how". That is why this training course is worth the money.

But I'm not some monster, so I do not ask too much - now this course is worth only
$ 100. Evaluate - this is for saved six months of work! Although, of course, you can find free courses on the creation of business on the Internet.

What's the difference? Why do I suggest you just this course, and even (that's smart aleck!) for money?

First, because 90% of the above training courses devoted to the creation of business on the Internet from ground or to the promotion of a fully functional website. Corporate website for a distributor in the form of "as it is" (i.e., online business card) can not be promoted. Therefore, you will not find the courses on its promotion in the Internet.

Secondly, many courses to build a business on the Internet written by authors who have not earned a dime on the Internet themselves. Yes, imagine that! This is similar to MLM - it seems that it is very easy, and the newly businessman, having studied the course of some luminary, decides to start his own business becoming to "teach" others. I teach to what I doing for many years, and that brings me real income.

And finally, my course is specifically designed for specific of service "MySite", and it is constantly modernized taking the introduction of new service opportunities. At the same time, buyers receive all the updates and additions to the course, for a year.

But even if you are working in another network company, it does not change anything. Although when considering of site optimization for search engines, I take into account specifics of CaliVita website, you can to optimize successfully any website on the same principles. But in the promotion technology, the company does not matter absolutely.

This e-book has format PDF. To read it Acrobat Reader needed!

Members of my downline (according to membership code) receive e-book "How to turn distributor's personal website into business tool" and all subsequent updates and additions free of charge!

Along with e-book "How to turn distributor's
personal website into business tool"
you get also BONUS:
1. E-book "33 Days to Online Profits".

Bonus for training course - 33 Days to Online Profits

This e-book written by successful internet entrepreneurs - Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards. In this book they talk about step by step formula for success on the Internet, selling a product (digital or physical) or providing any services, just 33 days guaranteed!

959 kb; PDF File, Acrobat Reader

2. E-book "Affiliate Secrets".

Bonus for training course - Affiliate Secrets

8 Top Super-Affiliаtes tell you about their secrets how to make $20,000 or more each month.

In this book you'll find interviews with prominent business people such as Shane Pearce, Allan Gardyne, Brian Garvin, Frank Garon and Lawrence Pryor. You will get excellent advices from them, how to earn more in affiliate programs

348 kb; PDF File, Acrobat Reader

3. E-book "The Greatest Headlines".

Bonus for training course - The Greatest Headlines

Headline is very important element of any commercial website. It allows you to draw the attention of visitors to the ad text. It spends a visitor from the beginning of advertising text to the ordering button, maintaining a constant interest to the text and showing the benefits of purchasing your product.

1678 kb; PDF File, Acrobat Reader

4. Advance Site Submitter.

Bonus for training course - Advance Site Submitter

Program for instant uploading of your website in 66 top directories.

1010 kb; Windows

5. Webmaster Tools Black Label Edition II.

Bonus for training course - Black Label Edition II

This software is a compilation of wizards that will help you create a number of JavaScript and HTMl effects for your web pages. Newbies will love the easy question and answer format and the simple copy and paste features.

952 kb; Windows

6. Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter.

Bonus for training course - Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter

The program allows you easily and instantly formats your ezine ad, free or paid e-course, the advertising message of a certain width on the number of characters, for example, 60 characters per line. The program has simple and intuitive interface.

1647 kb; Windows


Get the e-book and bonuses!

Business Center MLM 2.0
"Make Business Together"
December, 2010

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