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Short successlogy

Find your way to success

Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step Why do people generally look down, though the sky is more beautiful? And why, when you tell people that you love poppies, they giggle and ask, do you not like cannabis?

There is also the conventional wisdom that success - this is the fate of favorites. However, when you ask about it those same favorites, they say the opposite - that success can be achieved by each. So who is right in the end?

Somehow, I'm more inclined to believe people who know what success is. Well, I have such dislocated education - I used to trust the experts, not the grannies on the bench. If a person has been successful, and whiles not quite a fool, then so surely he knows how to do it. Why most people do believed that the success is something of a lottery?

Yes, for the same reason that "the grapes are sour!" Because the success of other man is a "stain on my uniform", and therefore, successful people are or lucky, or thieves and crooks. There is such a small domestic creature - it is called a toad. It strangles, and crushes, and does not sleep quietly. But it also does not gives you try to succeed.

But in fact, by definition, only stupid and lazy are not successful. Just most people do not know what success is, and does not believe that they are destined to be successful.

Yes, they are destined! Because life given to us not to stand every day at the bar with a beer (or in a queue for allowance), but to realize the potential of happiness that is inherent us, and it means - to be successful.

Another "conventional wisdom" says that a happy chance is knocking on your door only once. This is, of course, nonsense, lucky chances just swarming all around us, but the trouble is that we try on them by eye, not from our experience but from our preconceptions. It's good if you try on, but most of people pass by without even noticing that the success beckons with a finger from the corner.

Have you noticed that many talented and famous people also children are talented and famous? You say, that's inheritance and Daddy's hairy arm, and 20% I agree with you. But 80% I believe that it is not hereditary, but education. No wonder Robert Kiyosaki advice: if you want your children to become successful, do not send them to school?

It's because the school not only teaches, but also educates. And you know yourself very well how the school educates: the main subject in school in this area is a discipline. And basic principle of discipline is not to stick out. You need to explain further?

Hence it is possible to see three things that must be followed by a man who decides to become successful:

   1. To stick out.
   2. To want a strange. That is, to look at the sky, not down, in other words, to set
       a high goal.
   3. To know what success is and how to combat it.

And that is very importantly - to go for success. Because until you go to the goal, you can not be unsuccessful. Also because every road begins with the first step. And first step to success - it's understanding of what is success?

Business Center MLM 2.0
"Make Business Together"
December, 2010

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