Aleksandr Yezovit, CaliVita Triple Palm Manager
Aleksandr Yezovit
Triple Palm

Larisa Yalova, CaliVita Triple Palm Manager
Larisa Yalova
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Elena Povtch, CaliVita Silver Palm Manager
Elena Povtch
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Vladas Jonauskas, Regional Manager for the Baltic States
Vladas Jonauskas
Regional Manager
for the Baltic States

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mutual aid, mutual support

CaliVita Shared Marketing

What is Shared Marketing?

Shared Marketing is sales system based on mutual assistance and mutual support Twenty years ago not each could accept the idea that you ought to be able to give first, and then to receive. And nobody seemed strange assertion that "all large modern fortunes were earned the most dishonest way". That's what this is the great American Dream, which turns out to be dreaming and by other peoples of the world.

But times change, and mores change, too. And to replace the "wild marketing", Shared Marketing come, which translates as Mutual Marketing. This is a new system of relations in which man is not seen as a potential buyer, but as an equal partner, which should help solve his problems. It was CaliVita International that in 1991 for first time introduced in Europe the sales system, based on mutual assistance and mutual support, and named it "Shared Marketing".

The basis of the Shared Marketing system include such values as caring for others, sharing knowledge, recognition of achievements and positioning CaliVita members as key figures in the system. Our basic idea is simple, yet significant: to value each person as a member of our family; to create objective and fair system of payments; to help everyone realize the fact that you can not be successful without helping others to become so.

We can not be happy unless we are able to share our happiness with others. We can not be successful ourselves unless we make other people successful. Thanks to the efforts of the members of our network, whose number is constantly growing, this principle has now become the norm. Currently CaliVita operates in 37 countries. The dynamic growth of the company opens up new markets and promotes CaliVita Shared Marketing worldwide.

Traditionally, success is measured in tangible achievements, such as a bank account, a vacation home, expensive car or a personal yacht. CaliVita believes that the main criterion for success in life for human is the ability to spend with his family and friends as long as he wants, and live without restrictions of time and resources. Quality of life and free time - that's the main currency of New Dream, which is declared by CaliVita Shared Marketing.

CaliVita marketing system gives you the opportunity to work how many you want, with whom you want and where you want. You can engage in marketing in addition to the substantive work, giving it a few hours a week, or become a professional distributor to quickly reach a high level of income - a system in this respect, gives you maximum freedom. You decide independently how many hours you work and how hard you work.

Company CaliVita® International has always supported its distributors in the business building and development. Success depends entirely on the personal qualities of participants and their efforts.

Business Center MLM 2.0
"Make Business Together"
December, 2010

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